The lack of maintenance and monitoring of your systems leaves you at risk of future system failures. In order to ensure the systems you have installed remain compliant with the relevant authorities, it’s the responsibility of building operators to ensure life safety and security systems are well maintained. ICFS can provide you with the assurance that your responsibilities are meticulously taken care of and will create a tailored maintenance plan for all fire and security systems. A robust maintenance and monitoring plan means that your systems can maintain a long lifespan, as well as remaining compliant. Put simply, ICFS will ensure that your fire and security systems continue to successfully carry out the job they were installed to do. As important as it is to ensure that your systems provide the security and protection from unwanted events, it’s just as important to ensure that the systems are operating safely.


Fire and security systems are susceptible to the effects of wear and tear as much as any other physical installation and our maintenance engineers will make checks to ensure the systems operate safely and will advise of any possible issues which may be identified. In addition, our engineers will look to identify any changes in your building that may have affected the operation of the systems and advise of any action required.For example, a new wall may have been constructed but the installation of additional smoke detectors my have been overlooked. Our engineers are trained to look for and identify every eventuality. In the unlikely situation your system ever under performs, ICFS are on hand to offer you a fast and reliable 24-hour emergency response service. Even if your system wasn’t installed by us, we can still provide you with on-going maintenance, servicing and repair solutions.