Example of Fire Alarm at ICFS.


It goes without saying that fire is something we hope you never experience first-hand. However, when emergency situations occur nothing is more important than the prevention of loss of life. At ICFS this is a responsibility we couldn’t take more seriously. With our BAFE Modular Scheme SP203 Part 1 Accreditation, you can have complete confidence in the design, installation, and the maintenance of your fire alarm system.


We work with proven market leading suppliers to deliver the most advanced system, to ensure that your business and your people are always protected. It is of the utmost importance that fire alarm systems are designed and installed in a manner so that they do not cause false alarms. These unwanted alarms are often caused by systems that are poorly designed or maintained, and can place a considerable strain on the emergency services. At ICFS we take our responsibility to limit these unwanted alarms very seriously. As well as fire alarm systems, we also install and maintain public address and voice alarm (PA/VA) systems. These are essential for managing emergency situations in venues where there are large numbers of people. ICFS have significant experience in installing and maintaining these systems across shopping centres, sports centres, large office complexes and many more highly populated buildings and facilities. In emergency situations, where people may have issues with mobility or require assistance with safely escaping from a building, Emergency Voice Communications Systems (EVCS) are an essential part of the strategy of a public building and we are leaders in providing EVCS solutions. No matter what scale of project you have, ICFS offer an extensive choice of systems that will keep you, your business and your people protected 24/7, 365 days a year. Every building is different and has its own set of challenges so when it comes to fire alarm systems one size definitely does not fit all. For an in-depth survey of your current fire alarm systems and arrangements contact ICFS today.