CCTV footage and what we monitor.


The latest technology means you have the option to fully integrate your fire and security assets into one user friendly platform. This offers a significant number of benefits and an enhanced level of security and safety. A fire detection system is designed to continue to operate in the most difficult of emergency situations. Typically for instance CCTV, access control and intruder detection systems are not expected to remain fully operational in a fire.  Therefore, these systems are fundamentally built on very different types of technologies without the need to interact with one another. Through specialist software, ICFS can manage the integration of fire and security systems to successfully provide a powerful solution. Integration software gives the ability for CCTV images to be provided automatically when smoke is detected, which could prove vital in the safe evacuation of a building. Similarly, if an access control door is forced open, images and video recordings can be displayed immediately as well as an alarm and the exact location of the incident. This allows quick decisions to be made on the best course of action. As we work with all of the major brands, our team continuously receive manufacturer training so we have an in-depth knowledge of how these systems can work simultaneously together.